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12 week Spring fitness challenge

This challenge is designed to kick start healthy lifestyle habits.

The 12 week challenge involves a pre and post challenge DEXA body composition scans, ongoing evidence based training and lifestyle support.

You will learn about your metabolic health markers including visceral fat, bone density, total body fat percentage and muscle mass. The tests are standardized so you will learn where you rank against your peer group.

You will learn the optimal exercise and diet appropriate to your metabolic profile.

Making lifestyle changes can seem daunting. We will show you how even small changes in your lifestyle adds up to big changes over time.

We will teach you fun, safe, efficient and economical ways to maximise your health.

12 week fitness challenge

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12 week challenge results

I have recently followed up on 30 clients undertaking a 12 week winter challenge and have attached a DEXA scan file of a very good post challenge result. The point of this link is to highlight how much you can improve your body composition in a short period of time: DEXA follow up scan post 12 week challenge Winter 2019 (deidentified).pdf 

To explain the DEXA report: page 1 highlights the bone mineral density: the z score of -0.8 means the subject is in the lowest 21% of his peer group. In 3 months this participant has improved his bone density by 5.3% through strength training and decreased alcohol consumption.

Page 5 of the report highlights the changes in body composition over the course of the 12 week week challenge: The first highlight is his improvement in his total body fat percentage by 37.7%. Amazing result. His body fat percentage is now in the top 3% of his peer group. To achieve this result he gained 3.27kg of muscle mass and lost 7.134kg of fat mass. He also reduced his visceral body fat (the bad fat that accumulates around your internal organs) by 30% to a very healthy 36.7cm2.

There is a nice image that illustrates the difference in body composition on the last page of the results.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can improve your health and fitness I would be happy to have a chat with you.