Sydney Inner West Allied Health Centre
leaders in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Ex Physiology, DEXA scanning, fitness training

About us

In 2003 long before "collaboration" and "integrated" became the buzz words they are today, Anton Sostaric established this Allied Health Centre in Leichhardt, Sydney. In November 2013 we welcomed our 10,000th new patient! We have performed and participated in over 71,000 treatments during the past 10 years.

We are many things to many people: We are accessible to all members of our community. We participate in many health care programs to support disadvantaged members of our community who need assistance with their health the most. We are a destination for some and and a gateway for others. We collaborate with all members of the healthcare community. We use new technologies such as HealthLink to improve communication with your GP: Our initial treatment report and advice can be electronically dropped into your own medical file in your GP's computer system by the time you have walked out our door!

Looking to the future, we are getting older. We work on low intervention care for chronic illness and its precursors, keeping you well and out of hospital. We train our middle aged clients to keep fit and strong so they grow old and strong, not old and frail.

We are communicators so come on, have a conversation with us! You can phone, email, tweet and text. You can also contact us on the next tab on this website. Let us know what you want and when you want it.

We embrace change and welcome a challenge.

As we age we tend to suffer from co- morbidities. This means we tend to suffer from multiple physical and psychological problems. A team of health care professionals, whether co- located or not, are better positioned to treat complex problems then a practitioner working in isolation. This is called collaborative healthcare.

Practitioners at the Inner West Allied Health and Specialist Centre work closely with their stakeholders: patients, allied health peers, General Practitioners, project officers, surgical specialists, insurers, carers, employers and nurses. Staff adopt new technology in treatment and communication to enhance the patient journey.

Many health conditions, especially acute injuries, are treated successfully in a timely manner. Chronic and complex conditions are the real challenge for health care providers and their patients.

The staff at the clinic strive to improve the patient journey through complex injury, disease and disorders. As we age and require increasing healthcare assistance we strive to be accessible to all members of the community. This means opening the hours you want to be seen and charging fair fees.

The clinic staff are knowledgeable about the diverse services available in the inner west that are free and will point you in the right direction if appropriate.