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BPPV ( benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) assessment and treatment

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If you experience vertigo turning your head, lying down and rolling in bed you may have BPPV. This condition is due to a canalith moving in the posterior semi circular canal in your ear.

If you experience vertigo rolling or turning to the left it is likely you have BPPV in the left ear, and visa versa for the right ear. 

We perform a test called the Dix-Hallpike to confirm if you have BPPV. This test takes a few minutes and involves a movement to stimulate vertigo. If we confirm you have BPPV we will then perform an Epley Maneuver. This maneuver will move the canalith out of the semicircular canal and your symptoms can abate after just one maneuver. 

We have already diagnosed and successfully treated 2 cases of BPPV in 2014. In both cases a fall was involved and in both cases treatment was complete in just one treatment. 

The Epley Maneuver for left sided BPPV