Sydney Inner West Allied Health Centre
leaders in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Ex Physiology, DEXA scanning, fitness training

when you attend our clinic you are guaranteed that your physiotherapist upholds ethical and clinical standards expected of an APA member. Listed below are our 9 principles of the APA Code of Conduct:

1. we respect the rights, needs and dignity of all    individuals.

2. we comply with the laws and regulations governing     the practice of physiotherapy in Australia. 

3. we practise in a safe, competent and accountable     manner. 

4. we strive for standards of excellence in physiotherapy. 

5. we respect the confidentiality, privacy and security of     client health information. 

6. we communicate and co-operate with colleagues and     relevant agencies in the best interests of their     clients and the wider community. 

7. we act in a manner which maintains the good standing     of the physiotherapy profession. 

8. we strive to contribute to the development and     implementation of health service delivery which     enhances the health status of the community and     promotes social justice. 

9. we comply with the Constitution and Regulations of     the Australian Physiotherapy Association