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Compression socks and garments for foot, ankle and leg, hand and arm swelling 

We stock and sell Grade 1 and 2 Venosan compression socks for swollen feet, ankles and legs.

We also measure and order full length stockings for full leg swelling. The full length stockings are suitable for pregnancy and post operative/DVT swelling.

In special circumstances a custom made sock or stocking needs to be constructed to accommodate large variations in limb circumference. 

We also measure and order compression garments for arms and hands. These are effective for post mastectomy lymphoedema.

Compression socks are recommended for sprained ankle and calf tears. You will be able to continue with moderate activities such as walking with the sock on as it compresses the limb and aids lymphatic/venous return.

Swelling improves in the first 24 hours.

Sportsline socks Grade 1 compression (18-21mmHg) cost $44

Compression garments are measured and fitted during normal consultations however if you just need to be measured we will do this at no cost.

compression socks are very effective for ankle sprain