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DEXA Full Body Composition Scans and Bone Mineral Density (BMD) now available in our Leichhardt, inner west Sydney clinic. DEXA is superior to all other modalities used to assess body composition. If you want valid, reliable and repeatable body composition tests use DEXA

How DEXA is superior to all other body composition measurements used in the health and fitness industry: watch this short video to find out

Initial Consultation and scan is $125 and Follow up scans for tracking changes is $95

Book a Full Body Composition Scan to assess your total fat mass, lean muscle mass and bone mass.

We use the DEXA scan and other tests including bloods and VO2 Max to assess your metabolic profile and predict cardiovascular disease risks, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. We also use DEXA to predict frailty and falls.

DEXA is also used to assess Osteoporosis and predict osteoporotic fractures

Why use DEXA? It is a sensitive and specific test to establish your baseline body composition prior to commencing an exercise training program, whether it be to lose body fat and improve your health or as part of high performance training programs in elite sports.

The DEXA scan will calculate your body fat percentage and specify where the fat is stored,estimate visceral fat stores (that is the fat stored around your abdominal organs) and the lean muscle mass per compartment, for example, to assess muscle imbalances. you will also learn where you rank against your peers globally for muscle mass and fat mass. The image below illustrate what visceral fat looks like


Following your initial DEXA scan you will learn about your body composition and strategies how to "hack your physiology". Everyone is unique and we work with you to discover your body's optimal diet and exercise requirements to achieve your health and performance goals.

Case study examples: we assessed an 85 year old lady and diagnosed osteoporosis and sarcopenia. She did not cope with bisphosphonate treatment for osteoporosis so we designed a progressive resistance training program to address her back pain. After several months of training her back pain had reduced significantly. We also designed a training program to address sarcopenia (muscle wasting in her arms and legs) and after 3 months training she is no longer sarcopenic. An important note: this lady was highly motivated and compliant with our advice. Do the work and you will achieve results!

Case study 2: overweight male mid 40's struggling with chronic back pain: Initial DEXA study findings included 25% body fat. An aerobic conditioning program was initiated including fat adaptive training program (exercising in fasted state). After 3 months training the DEXA reassessement illustrated 19% body fat and resolution of back pain. Blood tests indicated a marked reduction in C Reactive Protein (a systemic inflammatory marker that is stimulated by fatty tissue).

We are very passionate about looking after our clients and improving population health. The big killers are lifestyle diseases that are preventable and reversable. If you are keen to make a change and improve your health we will back you!

tel:95183400 to book your DEXA scan. We look forward to working with you

Dr Bill Sukalka explains the difference between Body Fat and Body Composition in this short video

Using DEXA technology to tailor effective training programs

Muscle, fat and bone: the 3 pieces of the body composition puzzle.Time to move away from "weight" "mass" and "BMI". Watch this short video and learn how DEXA gives you the information you need to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle goals.

TOFI: Thin on the outside and fat on the inside: 10% of the population who look lean have high levels of fat around their organs. This fat is metabolically active and will cause insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. DEXA will identify high viscersal fat

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