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Exercise Physiology

Dr Simon Sostaric PhD.,BAppSc.,ESSAM.,AEPPN: 2742441Y
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Dr Simon Sostaric

Dr Simon Sostaric is a distinguished exercise physiologist, sports scientist, researcher and author.

He completed his physiology doctorate at Victoria University (Melbourne,Australia), investigating the complex mechanisms of electrolyte regulation and skeletal muscle fatigue during intense exercise. 

Simon is the founder and director of Melbourne Sports & Allied Health Clinic - a private practice specialising in sports performance; patient healthcare; biomedical research and development; and industry health and safety ( 

He has practiced for over 20 years, including multi-year periods in the USA, UK, and Japan. He commenced practice in Sydney in 2014.

Dr Sostaric has accomplished an international track record in many sports, including all football codes; running; triathlon; cycling; adventure sports; basketball; Formula One GP; motoGP; winter sports; tennis. He has been engaged by many professional sporting organisations, institutions and athletes - to provide innovative, evidence based and ethical high performance practices.


Dr Sostaric previously served as head of Sport & Exercise Performance at Victoria University (1998-2006), and within the Australian sports institute system (1992-2004). He has consulted in private practice since 2004. His research expertise includes; mechanisms of fatigue; overtraining syndrome;muscle damage and injury prevention; systemic inflammation; metabolic, hormonal & electrolyte disturbances; immune dysfunction; heat and hypoxic physiology.


Clinically, Simon specialises in fatigue and metabolic disorders; obesity; cardiovascular disease; autoimmune disorders;cancer and exercise rehabilitation.His research outcomes have been presented internationally, and published in high impact peer reviewed journals.


Professional Memberships:

·   Exercise & Sports Science Australia

·   Sports Science Advisory Group - Exercise & Sport Science Australia

·   Sports Medicine Australia

·   American College of Sports Medicine

·   International Society of Exercise & Immunology

·   International Interest Group - Potassium, Sodium & the Function of Heart     and  Muscle


Private health insurance rebates are available for those with extras cover (no referral required). Medicare (EPC), DVA& Workcover rebates are available (GP referral required).


Dr Sostaric consults in Sydney fortnightly.


For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact 02 9518 3400.

Sport and fitness testing

Testing and monitoring athletes during different phases of training & competition provides valuable information about responses and adaptations or limitations that effect performance; including training intensity and volume; tapering; heat exposure; body composition; nutrition/hydration status;illness, fatigue, stress and injuries.

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