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Fracture Clinic

call 95183400 to book into the fracture clinic
for after hours call 0414465879

we use waterproof casts for arms and legs and air cushioned walker boots for small fractures of the fibula and toe

 EXOS casting and splinting now available

Suitable for:
Stable wrist fracture
carpal bone and ligament injuries
wrist sprains
colles fracture
boxer's fracture
scaphoid fracture
skier's thumb
de Quervain's tenosynovitis
carpal tunnel syndrome

EXOS Splinting now available       


No more smelly itchy skin! No more sawing to remove the cast! Childproof lock to prevent unauthorised removal

The most common fractures we cast include

Fractured fibula
wrist fracture (colles)
5th Metatarsal fracture
scaphoid fracture
Greenstick fracture

We provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs for all post fracture ORIF surgery.

A challenging area we have achieved  good outcomes is reducing flexion contractures of the elbow.