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12 month Gym membership for $99. Less then $2 per week!

Unbeatable value for money! Why do we charge only $99 per year for membership?

Because we want to be accessible to all members of the community. Disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and depression can be avoided or improved/abolished with regular exercise. Everyone can use the gym equipment and gain strength, fitness and mental well being. You can benefit greatly from only 10-15 minutes of high intensity exercise 3-4 times per week.
We can also show you how to monitor your heart rate so you are certain you have achieved the right intensity.

call 95183400 to book an appointment to see Anton to work out your fitness goals and how you can achieve them.
Want to work on your own pilates program? Call Clare Wells for an appointment today

our gym facility is now available to clients who have completed  their injury treatment and wish to continue exercising to improve 


cardiovascular fitness


core stability

equipment includes

free weights

exercise bikes



cross trainer 

rowing ergo

pilates reformer

balance boards

shoulder functional trainer 

knee and hip strengthening machines

Do you have a disability and want to improve your cardio fitness and upper body strength? Call Anton today on 95183400 to discuss your needs