Sydney Inner West Allied Health Centre
leaders in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Ex Physiology, DEXA scanning, fitness training

Call 0414465879 for Mobile Physiotherapy in the Sydney area

Physiotherapists attend your home, work, school and hotel for management of acute and chronic pain and injury

We have treated people all over Sydney for the past 16 years

We can treat your staff with physio or massages at short notice. Too tired or sore or couldn't be bothered travelling to a clinic? We will come to you 7 days a week up till 1am!

Would you like to treat your whole family and friends at your house or on your boat? Call us and we will be there!

The main problems we have treated are acute neck and back pain and sprained ankles. We have helped many overseas business people through a period of extreme pain and disability. There is nothing worse than being incapacitated whilst on holidays or business in a foreign country so we ensure you will recover as soon as practical or we can help you get back on a plane home.