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Our busy practice has been operating out of the same office in Leichhardt for 16 years serving the Inner West of Sydney. All clients visiting our clinic are treated by experienced and multi-skilled Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Podiatrists and Exercise Physiologist. All staff have over 25+ years experience. You are treated efficiently and effectively, using evidence based interventions and easy to understand advice to help you on your health recovery, and improve your quality of life.


Monday:        6am-10pm

Tuesday:             8am-3pm

Wednesday:       6am-10pm

Thursday:           8am-3pm

Friday:                 6am-10pm

Saturday:            7am- for pre- booked group sessions                              for DEXA body composition scans

Mobile Physiotherapy Service: On call after hours for Sydney CBD, north shore, eastern suburbs and inner west. After hours Physiotherapy also provided in clinic.

Physiotherapy services include musculoskeletal injuries, fracture clinic, pre and post op rehab, strength and conditioning programs for weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

For further information please call us on 95183400 to discuss your healthcare needs.



Inner West Allied Health Centre is 16 years old!

In 2019 we celebrated 16 years serving the community for their healthcare needs. 14,000 new clients and over 100,000+ treatments to improve musculoskeletal pain and injuries, metabolic disorders, sports performance, mental health, pregnancy and post natal challenges, disability, vertigo, severe trauma from work and motor vehicle accidents and much more! Moving forward the number one priority we give is to encourage and enable maximizing your quality of life. We continue to rise to the challenge of providing efficient, efficacious and affordable healthcare services. Make sure you get out and have some fun!

Inner West Allied Health Centre is a Registered NDIS Provider

Specialised assessment, support, and capacity building services for individuals living with a disability.

NDIS funded clients can access our Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Psychology services in the Inner West Sydney.

We are currently working with clients with physical and psychological disabilities to improve health and well being and to improve lifestyle and occupational capacity.

Some great results have been achieved such as improved metabolic and musculoskeletal health. Inactivity due to disability increases the risk of obesity, insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. Inactivity also increases the risk of falls and fractures. A big challenge for people suffering mental illness is keeping weight down due to medication, especially anti psychotic medication. We are educating and prescribing effective exercises that can be completed within as little as 5 minutes. The number one cause of death in people with mental illness is cardiovascular disease.

Below is the World Health Organisation (WHO) information sheet on premature death among people suffering mental health disorders: 

WHO info_sheet on premature death among people with mental health disorders.pdf 

New Exercise Physiology Service

Dr Simon Sostaric tests and manages athletes to maximise performance. He monitors patients to improve their quality of life and decrease risks that lead to early illness and premature death.

Did you know?

Low fitness is a strong predictor of diabetes,heart disease & premature death

Being overweight is a major cause of diabetes & heart disease

Modified lifestyle has immediate positive effects on health

The program:

Assess cardiorespiratory fitness & health risk

Blood test to determine metabolic profile

Body composition

Specific exercise & modified lifestyle plan to match your needs

Regular monitoring

What's the next step?

call us on 95183400 to book your consultation

Simon's weight loss programs are scientifically formulated and customised to suit your specific physiology and metabolic profile.Simon assesses and monitors your progress very carefully to ensure your are adapting and responding effectively.

Mobile Physiotherapy Service

Mobile and after hours Physiotherapy treatment

Please call 0414465879 for after hours physiotherapy house calls, hotel visits, work site visits and corporate massages. Mobile service covers the CBD, inner west and lower north shore. We also treat in our clinic on the weekend for residents outside of the mobile call-out area

DEXA scans in Sydney's inner west Leichhardt now in operation! The latest Hologic Horizon DEXA scans full body composition and BMD:

slim down, speed up and boost your health!

The DEXA measures your total body fat, total lean muscle mass, total bone mass with the Gold Standard measurement and analysis tool. The DEXA also measures visceral fat area which is used to predict metabolic disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, our biggest killer. The DEXA scanner is also used for Bone Mineral density testing for osteopaenia and osteoporosis. No referral is necessary for body composition DEXA. Full scan and consultation is only $125 and rebatable through your health insurance. Your consult will involve fat burning strategies and muscle mass gains that work and guarantee weight loss.

Read the Choice Magazine verdict below: 

Associate Professor Garry Slater explaines DEXA body composition scanning in this short video

Hologic DEXA scanner

The Hologic DEXA Scanner takes just 7 minutes to measure your body composition. We interpret your results with you and help you establish goals, and strategies to achieve these goals.

Example of the Body Composition Report

Full body composition measurement and analysis is recommended for all sports participants to use with their coaches as part of their annual training strategy. It is also a great tool for fitness trainers and physiologists to use with clients starting a fitness program and to monitor as the program progresses (usually 3 or six monthly and less often as you become very fit). It can be used by doctors to measure and monitor sarcopenia and obesity.

The metabolic training program run in our clinic by Dr Simon Sostaric uses benchmark tests such as blood analysis and the DEXA body composition to gather accurate and precise data for ongoing analysis and research. Because we calibrate the scanner daily you are assured the data you receive about your body composition is accurate, sensitive, and precise.

The scan will identify the dangerous metabolically active fat stored around your organs. This fat, known as visceral fat, predicts metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease.

Personalise your diet with continuous glucose monitoring

The best diet has not been discovered yet. If it was, why do we have an epidemic of obesity and diet related diseases we have today?

The best diet should be governed by facts, not opinions and beliefs.

We respond differently to foods from each other. One person's blood glucose goes up when they eat rice whilst another person's blood glucose remains stable. It could be caused by genetics, the environment, our microbiome, lifestyle, exercise capacity. We are slowly gaining an understanding to this.

But we can measure our individual response to foods and drinks quite economically using continuous glucose monitoring.

The aim is to take better control of our blood glucose responses to food. High post meal glucose responses are linked to cardiovascular disease.

We need to personally tailor our diet to suite our individual makeup.

We show you how to use continuous glucose monitoring to assess your individual response to the food and drink you consume and the exercise you do. You learn what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid to stabilise your blood glucose.

The golden rule is if your blood glucose is high, your insulin is high. When insulin is high you are in fat storing mode. When insulin is low you are in fat burning mode.

Now you can track your glucose levels continuously.

We can show you how to track your blood glucose and tailor the right diet and exercise for you.

Our response to diet is personal so our dietary advice must also be personal

Freestyle Libre continous blood glucose monitor

Maximise your fat burn 

There is a sweet spot of exercise intensity where the predominant energy source is body fat. We use gas exchange and blood lactate tests to determine your optimal fat burning zone. The way we do this is calculate the RER, or Respiratory exchange ratio. This is the ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in metabolism and oxygen (O2) used. The optimal ratio for fat burn is 0.7. We correlate your heart rate to this zone so you know what heart rate you need to maintain during your training sessions. It is actually a moderate intensity!

Once you have this knowledge you can maximise the investment you are making in your exercise program and achieve and sustain your body composition objective.